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We, Pam Luther and Jake Barr, are dedicated students of Yoga. We began exploring yoga and meditation in the mid 90’s, dabbling with various methods, teachers, and books in our travels.  In 2000 we began to study Ashtanga yoga while living in Maui and became very drawn to the practice.  We have travelled most years since 2002 for extended trips to study with our teachers, the late Pattahbhi Jois,  R Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Rangaswamy in Mysore, India.  I was authorized by Patthabi Jois and Sharath in 2006 and attended Sharath’s first course for teachers in 2009. I have level 2 authorization and the blessing to teach the full intermediate series.  Jake was authorized by Patthabi Jois and Sharath in 2008.

Aside from our Ashtanga studies we have tried to find a way to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances or limitations. I began doing yoga therapy with clients in 2003 and have worked with a wide range of physical needs. Some of my clients are suffering from injuries or illness and others are wanting to prevent injury in their athletic pursuits or as they get older.  I have worked with athletes to help them with both their physical and mental resilience.  The last few years I have been studying trauma and am finding ways to bring yoga to populations that can be served by what yoga and meditation have to offer.

For more information about Ashtanga yoga  please visit

We live on a community called Bundagen with our beautiful son Rio.  Bundagen is on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia, just coastal from the town of Bellingen and near to Coffs Harbour. We also teach internationally. Please contact us about Ashtanga classes, Ashtanga privates, yoga therapy sessions or meditation classes at

Teaching Schedule

December 2019 onwards:   Please e-mail for more information or to book privates.

September 2018: We will be teaching for the month of September on the beautiful island of Siargao in the Philippines.  For more info about the shala and the island, or to book, please visit or their facebook page at   Come practice with us in paradise!  The island has plentiful surf breaks that can accomodate every level of surfer from absolute beginners to hellmen/women!






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